Science of a Syphon

The process of making coffee in a syphon fills most of us here at Machina with a childlike glee- the excitement is undeniable and invariably everyone ends up gathering round to watch. Watching the water defy gravity and bubble up into the top chamber, where it awaits the coffee grinds at a perfectly stable, and ideal brewing temperature is complete magic (or science.)

Besides the visual appeal, a syphon is also a very forgiving brewing method, and one that draws out all the subtle flavours of the coffee, resulting in a lovely, clean cup. It is a great method, which especially suits coffees with individual character like our single origin coffees from Steampunk.

A syphon is ideal for those who like to stop and take time to make a brew with love (and a dash of science). Because it has a separate burner it can be used anywhere in the house, which means it's as happy on a lazy Sunday breakfast table as it is after dinner on a Friday evening.

At Machina we stock Syphons in three sizes, a 240ml (two cup), a 360ml (three cup), and a 600ml (five cup) alongside a range of single origin coffees from Steampunk.