Why you should clean your burrs…

We speak to lots of people who own espresso machines and grinders, both commercial and domestic users. A high number of those people are happy to backflush or descale their espresso machine to maintain it, but so many don’t even consider cleaning out the burrs of their coffee grinder. We sell some cleaning products to make this a bit easier for people who don’t fancy taking the grinder apart, like GRINDZ Crystals, but you can’t beat taking the top off the grinder and giving those burrs a good scrub with a wire brush!

Here's a quick How-To on the Eureka Zenith 65-E.
Remove the hopper-

Remove the hopper retaining screw-


Remove the plastic dust guard-

This gives access to the screws holding the upper burr carrier in place-


Remove the three screws-

Lift the upper burr carrier off to gain access to the lower burr and grind chamber-

Look at that build up of coffee & coffee oils. These oils turn rancid very quickly and will impact the flavour of your coffee hugely.

Get yourself a narrow wire grinder brush and scrub those burrs! You can find the brushes on our webshop.


A hoover is your friend for this process to get rid of the leftover coffee grounds. Refitting the upper burr carrier is simply the reversal of the removal. 

Happy cleaning!