Edinburgh Coffee Festival 2017

It's only a couple of days until Edinburgh Coffee Festival and this year we've got a few new things up our sleeve...

We are running our first Coffee Kit Surgery! Steve, Rob and the team will be answering questions on coffee gear and how to make great coffee at home or in cafes. Stop by and pick their brains, they do LOVE to talk kit.

Our roasters Emiliya and Mark will also be giving talks and demos which are free to all ticket holders:

"I think it's actually a dried apricot rather than a fresh one" - An introduction to coffee sensory with Emiliya Yordanova
Taste is subjective so why do we bother with flavour notes? This session will explore how we experience flavour and why we should care about how our senses work. (12.30pm in Room 1)

Filter coffee - styles, ratios and the importance of water with Mark Williamson
This is a hands on demonstration of filter coffee preparation. Learn about pour over versus full immersion; explore the range of flavour and complexity that different ratios offer; and experience how the volume of water impacts flavour. (10.30am in Room 2)

We'll have the latest Machina single origins on espresso and filter for you to sample, and we're running an exclusive deal on the Wilfa Svart grinder. There will also be the chance to win six Inker cups in the colour of your choice - come see us on Saturday to find out more!

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