Machina Roastery

After nearly 3 years planning, we have finally launched our own roastery. 

As a coffee business including cafes and equipment sales, we always planned to roast our own coffee, with the aim of being able to source, roast and serve exclusive coffee all under the banner of Machina.  

Initially we plan to use and sell our coffee only in our cafes, but eventually we’ll offer it to trade customers as wholesale too.

Our Probat roaster

We have invested in a brand new Probatone LP12 roaster, along with a few key pieces of equipment including an Ikawa sample roaster and oHaus moisture analyser aimed at driving quality and detail in our roasting.

Mark Williamson (formerly of Brew Lab Coffee) has joined Machina, working as a coffee roaster, but also keeping his hand in as a barista. Mark will be closely monitoring coffee between the roastery and our cafes, constantly refining profiles and reviewing quality levels.

Our coffees

Working closely with one of the best coffee roasting consultants in Europe, we have developed our initial profiles, and are extremely happy with the results.

We currently buy our coffee from three of the best green coffee suppliers in the world, but already have plans to directly source a large percentage of our coffee from Kenya, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The first Machina roastery retail coffee

You can buy our coffees at the Brougham Place cafe, and soon at our Nicolson Street cafe and online.

Our current offering consists of:

White Label Espresso
- 60% El Salvador - Las Ranas
- 40% Colombian - La Esperanza

Filter 1
- Kenyan - Karindundu

Omni Roast / Filter 2
- Colombian - La Esperanza