Brougham Place cafe and shop re-opens with a fresh new look

Our Edinburgh cafe and retail space has had a complete makeover and re-opens Thursday 28th April at 8.30am.

We've including more seating, a brew bar area, better displays for coffee kit, and (the piece de resistance!) a beautiful bespoke bar - home to our customised La Marzocco Linea.

Stripping back the shop revealed some great period features we had no idea were there - it's come a long way since its skate shop days of the 90s and 00s. (Who remembers Quarterback?)

We have sourced some great lighting to suit the different styles and spaces around the site. Some bespoke, others reclaimed from a factory in Germany. The bar light was featured in the new X-Men movie - crazy!

The old boards showing our menu and grind guides have been replaced with a new transparent menu, but all the same great drinks remain. We've also added iced coffees now that we're moving into the summer months.

Thanks to our customers whose amazing feedback helped us design the new layout. Now we have more seating areas that offer a bit more privacy for those wanting to enjoy their chemex in a quiet corner, or for groups that want to have lunch or talk coffee.

The team have worked day and night to get us open again... time for us to bask in the glory. Much thanks to Gogg’s, Robbie, Gary1, Gary2, Owen, MM, Dolly, Kylski, Kristina and Rob(in).

We're delighted with how it's turned out. We hope you like it too!