Kit Review - E61 Coffee Sensor & Thermometer

Small addition, massive improvement. The E61 Coffee Sensor and Thermometer is a great addition for any home brewer who wants the best taste and consistency from their espresso.


Easy to install, the E61 comes with everything you need for get it up and running. It's a quick change, taking no more than three minutes to remove the small hex screw from the ground and insert the thermometer. After that, it's ready to go. 

Initially, I used the rocket R58 PID sensor and compared my live results with what rocket states as the group temperature in the manual. I was pleasantly surprised how accurate both the rocket manual and the temperature sensors was.


Any home brewer looking to get the best flavours from their espresso beans knows that temperature control is crucial. This small tool allows for that control and consistency without any guess work or time spent tracking cool down times.

It's a super small addition but for the improvement in consistency and repeatability I would say an almost necessary one. The perfect improvement to your E61 group.


The E61 has a readout to the 10th of a degree in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It responds quickly to temperature changes and will give an accurate measure of the group temperature. During brewing, it will show you the temperature level throughout the entire extraction to enable optimum results from your coffee. 

Inside the box there's the sensor, a few copper washers, an Allen key, and a wrench - everything you need to install right away. There is also a small sheet explaining exactly what to do to avoid confusion.




Construction: Stainless Steel & a LR44 battery 

Weight: 10g

Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 5 cm