Cafelat group-head brush

Coffee related cleaning products are a funny one. Some are genuinely useful, while others are just plain silly. From one extreme to another, everyone needs Cafiza or Puly Caff to back flush their machine, but do you really need a 'specialist' brush to clean round your cafe work surface that looks suspiciously like a Homebase paintbrush? We don't think so...

The Cafelat group-head brush is one of those products that you could easily put into the gimmick category, but that would be a massive mistake. It's easily one of the best coffee cleaning tools alongside the Pallo brush.

Lots of people use mini brushes such as the Pallo cleaning tool to clean group-heads, which does the job OK, but hardly proficient. While the Pallo tool is a great little gadget for cleaning down shower screens and dosing up cleaning powder, it doesn't actually get into the curves of group-head that hold grains of coffee - but the Cafelat brush does exactly that.

The brush itself is a simple but well made device, produced from hardened black plastic. The brushes are hard and flexible but not abrasive, which works really well when cleaning metals. Every box comes with one replacement brush (1 x pair). Cafelat also offer a separate product of replacement brushes (3 x pairs), to avoid the need of buying a complete new brush.

As part of our cleaning ritual at Machina, we regularly back flush our machines, clean down the shower screens and brush out the group-head with the Cafelat brush. The end product is a seriously clean machine, which is well worth the hassle.
Decent coffee machines are an investment, so there worth looking after properly on the cleaning front. We think the Cafelat group-head brush is a seriously useful tool to make sure your keeping you're machine in proper check.