Kit Review - Wilfa Svart Grinder

We don’t get many new domestic grinders through the door, so when something arrives that’s a little bit special, we like to shout about it. The new Wilfa Svart fits the bill.

Why we like it

The issue of quality vs price with domestic grinders has been a long standing discussion. There are very few options on the market, with Hario & Tiamo controlling the low end and Knock, Lido, Commandante, and Baratza at the pricier end, but very little worth looking at in the mid range price bracket.

The new Wilfa Svart might just be the exception to the rule. Designed in Norway by Wilfa and renowned coffee guy Tim Wendelboe, it delivers exceptional grind quality for an attractive price.

Wilfa Svart grind settings on the hopper

Who’s it for?

Any home or office coffee drinker looking for a grinder capable of grinding for any brew method including Moka (stove tops), Aeropress, V60, Chemex, Cafetiere, slow drip and Kalita.

Wilfa Svart grind examples

Not everyone wants to get into hand grinding – either because it’s time consuming or maybe you just cant be bothered – but a small electric unit gives you fast, quality, hassle free grinding at the touch of a button.

Grind retention

We find reasonable grind retention on the Svart. Were talking 3-6g maximum within the conical burr set. The burr set design is very similar in style to the Baratza Encore, so retention is nothing more than you would expect within a domestic electric grinder.

Wilfa Svart burrs


Cleaning grinders can be a hassle, so we're pleased to know the Svart is a very easy machine to clean and maintain. The hopper can be removed by rotating to the coarsest grind setting and lifting it out. You can then remove the top burr set without the need to remove any screws.  Due to its shape, there is only one way to remove and refit the burr set, so it’s about as simple as it gets.  Once the top burr is removed, the bottom burr set can be quickly cleaned / hoovered out.


The speed on the Wilfa is very good for a domestic grinder.  The average is around 0.8g > 1.1 seconds.  For reference – a 17g dose for an Aeropress takes around 7.5-8 seconds. This varies lots depending on grind setting and coffee bean density, but for average use, it’s pretty impressive.

Wilfa Svart grind timer

Build quality

The Svart feels really solid and well thought out.  It’s made from a mix of polycarbonate, aluminium and steel. It’s very sleek and functional, with a good finish and feel to the controls.  Even the power button is small and well positioned with a good quality feel to it. In our opinion, the build far outstretches the price tag of £95.

Wilfa Svart front view

How does it compare?

The grinder most similar to the Svart in features, quality and price is the Baratza Encore (£139).  The Encore is more expensive, noisier, and arguably not as aesthetically pleasing. The Svart's quality of grind is on a par with the Encore, but for the money, the Wilfa Svart wins hands down.

Tech Spec

  • Burrs: 40mm conical steel burrs
  • Adjustment: Stepped
  • Motor: -
  • Doser or On demand: Chamber
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Power: 230-240v / 160w
  • Dimensions: HWD – 28cm / 17cm / 13cm

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