Kit Review – Victoria Arduino Mythos One

The Mythos One is currently regarded as one of the best grinders on the market due to its Clima Pro technology and a grind distribution that few others achieve.

The Mythos One uses a small heating element to heat the burr chamber, eliminating the grinder moving from cold > hot and vice versa. A fan and duct are used to expel excess heat, keeping chamber temps between 35 and 45°C. This means less grind adjustment required throughout a shift, and less waste – both things that all baristas and owners wish for.

Mythos One heater


Why we like it

We use the Mythos One in our coffee bars. I’ll admit we were unsure whether it would turn out to be a hugely worthwhile investment, but we are now 100% sold on its performance and simple design, which makes it very easy to maintain and clean.

The distribution is fantastic most of the time. At very fine grinds you will see a small amount of clumping, but within acceptable limits. Grind adjustments are easily altered in tiny amounts thanks to its stepless micrometric design.

We recommend leaving the unit switched on overnight so that it is ready to use and up to temperature when you arrive for your shift in the morning.

Mythos One grind adjustment and fan

Grind adjustment and fan

Who’s it for?

This grinder will improve anyone’s coffee quality, but it is a serious investment. That said, we will always recommend upgrading your espresso grinder before upgrading your machine, as, pound for pound, a grinder will give better improvements in the cup than a shiny new espresso machine. Clearly both bits of kit have to be good, but a great grinder gives you a better shot at producing great coffee.

Designed for speciality coffee bars that are quality focused, the Mythos One not only makes tasty coffee but also makes the barista’s job that bit easier as it performs more consistently.

Mythos One burr chamber

Burr chamber

Grind retention

Grind retention is low. We purge one 17g shot between grind adjustments for peace of mind but the actual retention is slightly lower at around 13g. The burr chamber does not hold a great deal – perhaps another few grams. Coffee does make its way under the upper and lower burr, and also under the lower burr carrier so cleaning should be as frequent as possible.

Mythos One dosing



This model won’t win awards for speed, but it is no slouch either. Our 17g shots probably average at 5.8 to 6.2s. This is hugely dependent on the coffee and subsequent grind setting. 75mm burrs and a slow motor help keep temperatures from skyrocketing. Stable temperature is the main focus of this machine.

Mythos One chute


Build quality

The build quality is very good. We make it work hard and it takes it very well. The trigger button and portafilter fork are very sturdy, and the timer controls feel tough enough to survive daily use easily.    

Mythos One trigger and hopper

Trigger, portafilter fork, and hopper interior

How does it compare?

The equivalent Mazzer grinder is a fair chunk more cash, and other than that the only grinder that can really rival the Mythos One is the Mahlkonig Peak, which is newly released and the better part of £1k more expensive.

The closest to the Mythos in price would be the K30 Vario, and while it is quicker and distributes coffee very nicely, it suffers from the same temperature swings that all other grinders suffer from. No fan, no heater so we’re back to cold > hot, hot > cold, wasting shots and constantly dialing in. Not good.

Tech Spec

  • Burrs: 75mm flat burrs. Titanium coated for greatly increased lifespan
  • Adjustment: Stepless
  • Motor: 800w
  • On demand
  • Weight: 25kg

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