Kit Review - Fiorenzato F64E

The Fiorenzato F64E is one of the best value grinders available. Very quick, lots of features, and digital on-demand dosing for under £650.

The Fiorenzato range is reasonably new to Machina, but we’re seriously impressed with how they perform. We have been selling the F64E’s like hotcakes since they arrived as they are such good value.

Why we like it

The size and spec of a Mazzer Super Jolly-E, but with more features and faster grinding, all for the same cash as a basic Super Jolly with an old-school doser? Where do I buy?! This grinder is the best balance of performance vs. cost, and we recommend them to anyone on a bit of a grinder budget.

Fiorenzato F64E collar

Who’s it for?

Aimed at a wide audience, this grinder is at home in both speciality coffee shops and bars serving 20 drinks per day. Perfect for those without huge money to spend on equipment.

Fiorenzato F64E front display

Grind retention

Retention on this unit is low for its size, as the grind path is fairly direct. We measured around 10g.


Roughly 9s for 17g (bean and grind setting dependent).

Build quality

Fiorenzato grinders mirror Mazzer’s bulletproof design. Heavy cast steel bodies with durable parts. Sturdy portafilter fork, stainless steel grind adjustment pin. Feels strong and tough when in use.

How does it compare?

This model is almost directly in line with the Mazzer Super Jolly-E, and we’d say the F64E wins every time. The interface is much more detailed. It offers temperature and humidity information on screen, and has options for resetting dose counters, alarms to alert you of burr change intervals etc. Impressive stuff for this price point.

Fiorenzato F64E fork and switch

Tech Spec

  • Burrs: 64mm flat steel burrs
  • Adjustment: Stepped
  • Motor: 1350rpm
  • Doser or On demand: On demand
  • Weight: 14kg

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