Kit Review - Eureka Zenith 65-E


The Eureka Zenith 65-E is the bigger brother of the Zenith Club-E and is clearly aimed more at medium commercial use, whereas the Club-E is geared towards home users and low volume commercial sites. The Zenith 65-E has larger burrs (65mm flats as opposed to 60mm flats), an on/off switch instead of a button, and a taller hopper with larger capacity.



Initial Impressions

Very similar aesthetically to the Club-E, the marked difference is the taller hopper (Home baristas: don't think that this will fit under your kitchen cabinets!) The black casing, combined with the LED display and work light, give the Zenith a slick, stylish aesthetic.


Grind Quality

We are familiar with the grind quality of the Club-E, and we were incredibly impressed by increased performance in the Zenith. It is faster than a Mazzer Mini-E and with less clumps. We originally said it was a real competitor to the Super Jolly-E- the 65-E is not just a competitor; it's a winner in our books!


All Eureka grinders use a stepless adjustment system where the motor and lower burr move up and down as opposed to the more common system of the upper burr moving. This allows the removal of the upper burr for cleaning without disturbing grind settings, reducing dial-in time and wastage.



Timer Setting

The dose timer can be adjusted in 0.1 second increments, allowing for very accurate dose control- the initial time for 18g was around 8.2 seconds. We would expect this to reduce to around 6 or 7 seconds once the burrs are seasoned fully, usually after around 6-10kg.



Grind Retention

Like the Club-E, the 65-E has a very direct grind path from burrs to basket. This keeps the grind retention low and distribution neat. We saw less than 5g of retained grinds between shots, which is a good result.



This is a very easy to use piece of kit, with consistent dosing and grind, and good looking and functional touches such as the LED work-light and easy to set dosing. For a low to medium use cafe we would strongly recommend this grinder - easily as good, quick and consistent as a Super Jolly-E but just under £200 cheaper...!