Santa Rosa - Crisp & Clean

We've been drinking Santa Rosa for a while here in the Roastery, and it never disappoints. Clean and tart, it's just the thing to get going in the morning or during a mid-afternoon slump. Read on for our review and more about the farm that produces it.

As a brew, Santa Rosa has a lot to give. We've never made the same cup twice on our Moccamaster. Each time, we seem to pull out different distinct notes, ranging from sweet pecan to tart white grape. Some days it's drier while others it's more balanced. We're always tinker with our recipe, thus constantly finding new features to love. 

It's been a favourite in our cafés, providing greater consistency on the bigger brew system. Currently, it's one of three on rotation, so catch it when you can and you'll be in for a treat.


Coffee has a long history in Costa Rica. The Santa Rosa farm is no exception. Bernan Urena, the farm's owner, has been growing coffee for over 35 years, and the past three he's been focused on micro lots. He is part of FUNDECAP, an association of nine producers who are also business partners. They collaboratively own a wet mill, where they all take their coffees to be processed. He's built his own raised beds at his farm, so the coffee is brought back there to dry and finish.

Coffee has been vital to the Costa Rican economy since the early-20th century, and we're happy to support farmers that clearly have a history in the soil, especially when they work in collaboration with other producers.


Written by Jess Browning