Red De Mujeres - Women's Network

If there's one thing we love more than a Guatemalan coffee, it's one that lets us support independent women. In the Huehuetenago district of Guatemala, these women are a part of one of the most diverse ethnic groups in the country. In the farm community alone, eight different Mayan languages are spoken.  

We've roasted our green beans for filter and espresso to highlight the complex notes in this coffee. As a filter, it sips clean with lighter notes, while as an espresso its bolder side comes through and has a wonderfully velvety mouthfeel.  

Origin Info

No stranger to hard times, Latin America has been faced with many difficulties in the coffee market. This farm in the San Antonio Huista area has grown out of those slumps and is unique because it is part of a network of women who have all been widowed during the 35 years of Guatemalan civil war or whose husbands left in the Coffee Crisis of 2001 - 2004. While coffee rust is an issue faced by many farms, the women have produced a beautiful coffee that highlights the best of the region.  

These women are supported by ACODIHUE, who teach them sustainable and organic growing practices.  The organization also promotes specific differences, such as: diversification of culture, gender equity, and worldview, to name a few.  

Written by Jess Browning