New Coffee Profile - Kenya, Doondu Estate - Sundried SL28

This is the first release of our new coffee series called 'MAP'. These are premium grade coffees that we have searched far and wide for, bought in small quantities and then housed in a new 100% compostable packaging solution, which we are pretty proud of.

First up is a Kenyan called Doondu. It's an SL28 varietal that has been sundried as a precision natural process. The results are phenomenal. Think high quality Kenyan on steroids.

Doondu is a farm that we have been aware of for some time now, famed for it's high quality growing and processing, with amazing attention to detail.

Farm information:

Doondu is located in the Kiambu County, just outside of Nairobi city. The region has a long history of coffee production and is famous for its large estates, which were originally built by British colonists in the early 20th century. After decolonisation, the estates were sold to local Kenyans who have been managing them since.

While estates such as this used to produce the majority of Kenyan coffee, the increased urban sprawl from Nairobi, as well as the increasing land value in the region has meant that estate coffee production has gradually diminished, while smallholder production elsewhere has increased. Nevertheless, estates such as Doondu continue a legacy of many generations of coffee production, supported by unparalleled local knowledge and experience.

Diverse speciality:

Unlike most Kenyan coffee farms, Doondu chooses to farm and release premium lots that go somewhat against the fold of traditional Kenyan coffees, with sundried processing being a regular offering.

The art of great processing:

Kenyan coffees are typically washed to help refine their clean fruity profile. Further, as Kenya produces much less coffee compared to the likes of Brazil, it is important for them to produce coffee that is very consistent, so the price can be kept high. Washed coffees usually result in better consistency due to their process control, while natural coffees produced in volume, can lack consistency due to varied climate / weather conditions. The combination of Doondu's growing expertise and the precision natural processing result in a coffee that is rare, unusual and very high quality. 

Ripe cherries are selectively harvested and floated to select only the ripest, highest quality cherries for processing. These cherries are placed in a single layer on raised drying beds and dried in the sun for up to 6 weeks. The cherries must be manually turned periodically every day to ensure an even drying and prevent mould formation. Once the coffee has reached its optimum moisture content it is rested before being hulled, graded further handpicked, and finally bagged in GrainPro for export.


With Kenyan coffees already being fairly intense, the sundried natural process really accentuates the acidity and fruity profile, but not in a boozy or unpleasant way. The clarity is fantastic, offering layers of Lime, Rhubarb and Crab Apple.

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