Moccamaster - Our Recipe

We've been toying around with the new Moccamaster KBG Brewer in our warehouse all week, and we're so impressed with it. It's by far and away the easiest way to brew great filter coffee at home, you can alter how much you're brewing, and cleaning it is so simple.

As our Machina warehouse staff has grown, we needed to find a way of quickly brewing great coffee at a higher volume, and we've been impressed with the Moccamaster.

We've honed a recipe using our Milciades Yonda (filter roast), which produces 6 cups of smooth and delicious coffee with notes of baked apple, marmalade, and nutmeg.


Moccamaster KBG Coffee Brewer
Filtropa Size 4 Filter Paper
Wilfa Svart Grinder


  • Rinse filter paper to remove residue and heat jug
  • Weigh out 45g coffee and use a coarse grind - on the Wilfa, we've been using the step under the R on Filter
  • Add coffee to brew basket, ensuring a level bed
  • Add 750ml water to tank
  • Switch on
  • The Moccamaster will take between 4-5 minutes to brew
  • Enjoy your coffee! 

We found this produced a really clean brew - our TDS check showed a great extraction. It's easy to be suspicious of something this easy, but we're completely bowled over by the coffee this machine produces and couldn't recommend it enough. 

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