Introducing Map #6

This week, we launched the 6th installment in our #MAP coffee series , Fazenda Rio Verde.

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The ambition with this series has always been to source, roast  and offer the most unusual coffees we can find from a cross-section of origins from across the globe. Each coffee has a unique or amazing story to tell, often challenging perceived wisdom and current trends, but always tasting exceptional. 

Buying in small limited quantities we have roasted them with careful consideration to maximise their flavour profile. 

So what is the story behind Map #6?

We named Map #6 after the farm it was grown on, Fazenda Rio Verde. However, the full title of Map #6 is Ipanema Premier Cru Magna Aura B67 Blackcurrant Blue - a bit of a mouthful by any means!

Let’s break it down…

The Producers: Ipanema

Ipanema is the owner of the farm Fazenda Rio Verde, an absolute behemoth of a farm sitting at 1,566 hectares. They have been producing coffee since the 1870s, coffee production having been established by newlyweds Antonio Fachardo Junqueira and Gabriella Augusta in 1877. Management of the estate stayed within the family right up until 2002, when engineer Washington Rodrigues stepped into the role of CEO, and is responsible for many innovations and achievements of the farm - Ipanema were one of the first in Brazil to build wet milling infrastructure on site, first to be certified by Utz and Rain Forest certification programmes, and a founder of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA).

The Project: Premier Cru

Premier Cru is a series of premium coffee, and a project by Ipanema. The result of years of investment, research and development, Premier Cru is a collection of microlots grown on the estate’s oldest farm, Rio Verde situated atop the Mantiqueira Mountains. 

The range is dedicated to producing only the highest quality, most diverse profiles, made possible by rigorous testing and experimentation to determine the optimal coffee growing conditions to achieve this kind of quality. Over a period of four years Ipanema conducted hands-on research into harvest methods, harvest periods, temperature and air volume of drying equipment and growing altitude, and their impact on cup profile. Scores from the team of onsite Q Graders concluded that coffee grown above 1000 MASL, hand picked during a harvest period of 20 days would be awarded the highest scores. Thus the peaks of the farm above 1000 MASL were allotted the honour of producing Premier Cru, divided into 32 distinct plots to produce a vast array of flavour.

The Vintage: Magna Aura

To mark each new year of Premier Cru, the harvest is given a name, working as the brand for that year. This year is Magna Aura - “Great Aura”. Previous years have been named Aura Matina (Morning Aura) and Anima Verde (Green Anima).

The Lot: B67

B67 refers to the precise plot where this coffee was grown. It is 100% Yellow Bourbon and Dry Anaerobic Fermentation processed.

This is actually the first crop in Ipanema’s new high tech anaerobic fermentation tank, engineered to have even more control over the tank’s oxygen levels, temperatures, microorganisms and Brix level (the amount of sugar present in the coffee). This level of control has allowed for some truly unique tasting coffees. These cherries were fermented for 167 hours, then dried on raised beds for 549 hours.

The Profile: Blackcurrant

After tasting and grading, each coffee is given a dominant flavour characteristic by the estate’s Q Graders – in this case, it’s blackcurrant. For the record, we entirely concur.

The Edition: Blue

Every microlot is categorised into one of three edition groups: Black, Gold, and Blue, each group progressing in rarity and complexity. It’s a practice borrowed from a large scotch whisky company you may have heard of…


So that's the story behind Map #6.

If you'd like to try this coffee for yourself, you can purchase a box here or if you're interested in learn more about wholesale opportunities to guest this coffee / retail boxes the get in touch with us on // (0131) 656 9565.