Las Palomas - In Fine Feather

Central American coffee fans rejoice. We're in love, and we're not afraid to shout about it. Las Palomas has filled the Costa Rican coffee hole in our hearts that Las Lajas left when it was done for the season.

Buttery as a croissant and sweet as jam, this coffee is super smooth drinking.  In our cafes, we serve it with milk to bring out the creamy consistency. As an espresso, it has almost a sour apple tartness. The balance it brings to any drink makes it a joy to have, and we'll be drinking tonnes of it while it lasts. 

Origin Info

Don Jorge Monge Garbonzo and his family have been in the coffee trade for generations. He inherited the Las Palomas farm from his parents in 1993 and has been looking over the management of it since with his wife and children. As one of eleven children, his siblings are all still connected to coffee in some way. The Las Palomas farm gets its name from the various birds that can be found in the region. 

The area is characterized as being extremely green due to the large number of trees and small number of people. A drastic change from Edinburgh. Don Jorge employs two full-time farm workers and a group of 25 collectors visit the farm during harvest season, moving between Las Palomas and various neighbouring farms. Coffee is delivered to the nearby Association of Agricultural Producers of the Communities of Acosta and Aserrí (ASOPROAAA), who process coffee and citrus in the areas of Acosta, Jorco and Palmichal, as well as offering financial, commercial and technical support to its members. They have been influential in the revival of agricultural production in the region, and are unique in their offering as a processor of traceable, quality differentiated micro-lots.

Written by Jess Browning