Kagumoini - Perfect Summer Brewing

The newest addition to our filter range is the Kenya Kagumoini AB.  

With tasting notes of white chocolate, raspberry, and lime, this crop exceeds expectations of a Kenyan coffee. 

We've roasted this coffee with body in mind. Since Kenyan's can tip towards overly acidic, we've amplified the fullness of body to let the fruitiness shine through without overwhelming the palate. The result is a juicy, almost red wine boldness.  

Brew this up on a summer's evening to share after dessert and let the good times begin.  

Origin Info

The Kagumoini factory of the Mugaga Society is on the slopes of Mount Kenya and Aberdares mountains in the Central Province. The society is made up of 1000 people, and they have taken initiatives to improve the lives of the members by investing in training for farmers and credit facilities. The processing of these beans comprises of many stages, notably the long soaking time which allows them to develop the bright fruity flavours Kenyans are known for. 

Recent amendments to the coffee law of Kenya have brought about the introduction of direct trading whereby farmers can by-pass the auction and sell directly to speciality roasters around the world.

Written by Jess Browning