Finca Tamana - It's here!

We are very excited to launch a very special coffee this week - Finca Tamana from Colombia.


Finca Tamana is a highly fêted farm with good reason; it has produced consistently stunning coffee over the last few years and this years crop is one of the best yet.

Whenever we see the name Finca Tamana in a café or on a cupping table we are excited to taste it - we are delighted to offer our customers our own spin on this coffee.

It is very clean and complex, with notes of Plum, Tablet and sweet port.

Origin Info

Finca Tamana is situated in the Huila region of Colombia and is overseen by Elias Roa. Our importer Nordic Approach has had a lot of success in improving the quality of this years crop. They have improved the picking and sorting process on the farm and have also worked hard to improve the drying processes which helps to maintain the coffee’s freshness. Cherries are handpicked and fermented overnight for 12-16 hours before being washed.

This coffee is packaged in 24kg Vac Pacs as opposed to traditional hessian sacks. This helps immensely in preserving the moisture content of the green bean, aiding longevity and freshness. This combination of selective picking, processing and packaging has helped to produce a truly stunning coffee. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Written by Mark Williamson.