El Tambo - The Asociación and You

Last summer, we featured the Red de Mujeres - a Guatemalan coffee we offered as both filter and espresso from a women's cooperative. This year, we've got El Tambo - a Colombian coffee from the Asociación de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe. 

As a filter brew, the clarity of the flavours comes through well, especially on a Moccamaster or Chemex. It's bright and super juicy with sparklingly sugary flavours like cola and caramel. It's intense and gorgeous.

On espresso, the shots are deep and rich. This coffee walks the line between typical Colombian coffees. Its light whilst being smooth, marmalade-y and nutty. It also carries a medium acidity, so it might not be the best coffee to serve with plant-based milks. Nevertheless, its great to try and brings loads to the table (at home or in a cafe).


We've gotten this green coffee from Cafe Imports, who've got a special relationship with Colombia coffee and their growers. They've spent many hours walking through and tasting every coffee they can. 

The Asociación itself is a community of farmers and landowners who've built a community among themselves. Their mission is to positively promote collaboration through the sharing of resources and knowledge. In doing so, they hope to provide a better quality of life for their families and themselves. More widely, coffee in Colombia has been a massive industry since the late 1700s. The country's mountainous landscape creates a variety of microclimates, and the high altitude means the country only produces Arabia beans. 

We're proud to offer a coffee that supports such a booming industry, especially since the Asociación has such positive values. 

Written by Jess Browning