Black Honey Microlot - Las Lajas


Our first new coffee of the season is a special one. Las Lajas is a Costa Rican microlot and is our first ever Black Honey processed coffee. This means that the cherries are dried over an incredibly long period of time, in high humidity, and a shaded area. It's a lengthy process for coffee farmers - but it delivers outstanding results. Black Honey processed coffees are known for being rich, flavourful, and deliciously sweet, and that's exactly what Las Lajas is. Farmed by Oscar and Francisca Chacon, this coffee is Certified Organic and has been honed over several seasons to develop the perfect process and taste. Big, boozy, and full of fruit, Las Lajas is a real treat.

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Origin Info

Oscar and Francisca Chacon are almost unique in Costa Rica, as they are one of the only micro millers to still produce certified organic coffee. Whilst many Costa Rican coffee farmers have stopped producing organically, the Chacon family have remained true to their principles.  Their passion for coffee has led them to experiment with different honey and natural processes and consequently the Las Lajas brand has become famous in the specialty coffee sector.

The Black Honey process is a Las Lajas specialty which has been developed and refined over many seasons to ensure its superior and consistent cup profile.  This is one of the longest honey process used at Las Lajas and involved the coffee being left unmoved for a period of 24 hours. 

The coffees that are processed at Las Lajas are all delivered from family-owned farms. Oscar and Francisca are continually working to develop new processing techniques, to ensure that they are producing a cup that truly expresses the delicacy and complexity of their coffees.