Timemore Nano - Hand Coffee Grinder
Timemore Nano - Hand Coffee Grinder Timemore Nano - Hand Coffee Grinder Timemore Nano - Hand Coffee Grinder
£120.00 (Includes VAT)

About The Timemore Nano:

The Nano is a tiny portable grinder, designed for those looking to grind enough coffee for a single serve of espresso or filter coffee (such as a single Kalita, V60, Chemex 3 Cup etc).

This may not seem like much coffee, but most people only grind enough coffee for this exact purpose and rarely use other grinders capacity, unless they are brewing much larger volumes of coffee for Cafetiere's, Drip Machines (Such as the Moccamaster), Mocca Pot (Stove Top) or a larger Chemex (6, 8 or 10 Cup).


It is smaller than a smartphone (10 cm high) with a foldable handle so you can easily slip it in a small bag. Space is saved by placing your coffee beans directly into the mechanism, which is a smart and very interesting innovation from Timemore.  This feature allows it to hold more than it looks like it's capable of.

Build quality:

The Timemore Nano is built to last with its stainless steel conical burrs and solid aluminium body. It feels very well put together, with clean lines and snug fit of both the lid (holding the grinder arm) and grinds bin (which screws onto the bottom of the main body). It's walnut wooden handle is linked to a stainless steel axle, giving it more stability. 

Grind quality:

The Nano offers great quality grind, along the same lines as a Knock Aergrind. If you go super coarse on either of these grinders, you will see more variance (boulders Vs fines) as that begins to increase when you have a larger space between the burrs.

It is slightly lower in grind quality to that of a Comandante, but at £115 (£85 less than a Comandante C40), you could argue that it's grind quality is amazing for the price tag. Is the Comandante £85 better? That is a view that will differ from one person to another.

All three grinders have steel conical burrs, and the Nano has the exact same grind mechanism as the Comandante, accessible under the base of the main body. You can make adjustments to the grind setting by having the grinder arm inserted into the top, removing the base (grind bin). Whilst holding the arm in place, you can then move the mechanism to go coarser or finer.


It holds around 20g of beans, which is great for anyone looking to grind for single serve coffee (V60, Chemex, Kalita etc). This is about 50% of the capacity of a Comandante C40 Nitro.

Timemore grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina. *See our terms and conditions for further information

    • Burr Type: Steel conicals.
    • Controls: Grind adjustment under the bottom burr set.
    • Grind Container: Approx 20g capacity.
    • Construction: Stainless steel
    • Finish: Anodised Black