Storm - Jade Formosa Oolong Tea - 100g Tin
Storm - Jade Formosa Oolong Tea - 100g Tin Storm - Jade Formosa Oolong Tea - 100g Tin

At Storm, a small family business established in 2010, the business was built on four simple pillars: amazing flavours, consideration for tea farmers and their staff, care for the planet and care for our general wellbeing.

The flavour revolution has happened with beer and coffee and now the team at Storm are on a mission to shake up the tea industry in the same way....a Storm is Brewing!

What Storm have to say about their Jade Formosa Oolong Tea:

Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa and is a small and mountainous island in the Pacific Ocean not far from the coast of China and north of the Philippines. Traditionally the island produced green teas for export to North Africa but with growing competition from Japan and China the island started to concentrate on the semi fermented Wulung (or Oolong) teas that are preferred by the local people.

The focus became more upon quality rather than quantity and as such Taiwan started the production of arguably some of the finest teas in the world. Oolong (taken from the Chinese words ‘black dragon’ referring to the fact that the tea is neither black nor green but somewhere in between) teas undergo a partial oxidation before being rolled and twisted. This means that the enzymes in the freshly picked leaf are exposed to oxygen for a period of time before the tea is fired to halt the process.

These semi-fermented teas are famed for producing beautifully complex but delicate flavours that range from peach and floral to woody and fruity depending on the length of fermentation and the terroir. 

This tea is light but incredibly flavoursome displaying some lovely peach sweetness alongside delicate floral jasmine notes with a nutty/ cedar wood finish.

Brew Guide: 
2-3g or 1 teaspoon per 250ml water
Brew Temperature: 100 C
Infusion Time:  3 mins then reuse the leaf brewing again for 3 mins – can be used 3 times.
    • Origin: Taiwan
    • Components: Jade Oolong Tea
    • Weight: 100
    • This tea is available as wholesale. If you would like to know more about wholesale supply and pricing, please contact