Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon)
Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon) Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon) Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon) Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon) Rwanda - Vunga - Washed - Filter (Red Bourbon)
Vunga is our first Rwandan coffee in a while, sourced by the good people at Raw Materials. It's a beautiful coffee of the Red Bourbon Varietal, that really demonstrates the qualities that great Rwandan coffees can possess, when farmed and processed with care and experience. It's a summer coffee - clean and refreshing with vibrant fruits and florals.

As a guide expect an initial flavour of fresh Raspberries sat next to sweet Nectarines. This is supported with a layer of super clean florals and a subtle (not over powering) acidity. Overall it's sweet, complex and very tasty.

Tasting notes:


How you can brew this coffee:
V60, Chemex, Kalita, Syphon, Cafetiere, Aeropress and Drip Machine (Moccamaster, Wilfa Classic etc).

The farmers:

Vunga is a well-established small cooperative who recently partnered with Muraho Trading Company to help the station increase quality, fetch a higher price for their coffee, and to introduce their production to new markets. Vunga Cooperative is 248 members strong, and together they have won the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition twice.


Vunga is also the name of the well-known washing station, located in an area in Rwanda, Nyabihu, where very little coffee is produced. It was built in 2009 and has 12 collection sites across its area. The station has a reputation of producing extremely high-quality coffee, coming 4th in the Rwandan Cup of Excellence in 2014.

Interestingly, for many years, Vunga was a washing station without the traditional serpentine infrastructure, which is used for the washing and sorting of beans post-pulp. Foregoing this processing step, beans were placed in fermentation tanks, and rinsed before being spread out to dry.

Access to smallholders:

An additional 925 micro-scale non-members sell their coffee cherries to Vunga Cooperative/Mill. These growers, who cultivate an average of 200 coffee trees apiece. sell their coffees to Vunga mill. While annual yield for this many trees is approximately 75 pounds of roasted of beans, with better prices through Vunga Cooperative, that little bit of extra income to improve their quality of life.


The Vunga Cooperative is located in Nyabihu, in the Western Province of Rwanda.


Nyabihu District - Landslides 2020

In May 2020, devastating rains, flooding and heavy mudslides hit the Nyabihu District in northern Rwanda. Nyabihu is home to the families that produce the popular Shyira and Vunga coffees that you may know and love. Communities in Shyira and Vunga have lost loved ones, and their livelihoods. 

Physical losses include at least 325 homes (including 38 homes of families that deliver coffee to Vunga or Shyira), livestock, coffee trees and other crops. Vital community and utility infrastructure have also been destroyed including 36 classrooms, 12 churches, a healthcare centre, the Vunga market, and electrical and water supplies.

For more than 300 families that deliver coffee to Shyira and Vunga, the direct cost to replace lost crops and buildings reached USD $132,000. An estimated USD $41,000 was required immediately to help deliver food, water, and clothing to those who have lost their homes.

In addition, much of the land is no longer suitable for planting - farmers have lost not only their crops and income for the coming season but the assets that they could use to earn future income. This is on top of the impacts of COVID-19 that were already reducing the income of farmers this season.

The destroyed crops and livestock were truly essential to daily life. 

In Nyabihu, farming families rely on coffee for 65% of their income, with average household incomes being less than USD $700 per annum.

While the government is working to the best of its capability to respond in the current economic environment, additional support for farmers is critically needed. 

What can you do to help?

Raw Materials continue to raise funds to support the rebuilding of the livelihoods that were destroyed by the landslides. If you would like to donate you can visit the Go Fund Me donation page, which will run until we have rebuilt every home, and replanted every tree.


Your coffee will be roasted within 5-10 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point of 10-36 days). We recommend letting this coffee rest for at least 12 days before using.
    • Farm: Vunga
    • Varietal: Red Bourbon
    • Process: Washed
    • Elevation: 1650-2000 MASL
    • Weight: 250g / 1KG
    • Roast: Filter
  • If you are interested in serving this coffee in your business, please get in touch on either or call us on 0131 656 9565