Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling)
Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling) Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling) Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling) Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling) Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision Coffee Machine (Dual Boiler / Pressure Profiling)
£5,145.00 (Includes VAT)




The Epica Precision is the latest high end home espresso machine from Rocket Espresso.

Building on the pressure profiling technology of the mighty R9 ONE with a nod to the tradition of manual lever machines, the Epica is a technical feat that’s inspired by the past while looking firmly to the future of espresso at home.

It’s a dual boiler, with the thermal stability of a fully saturated commercial group-head and an anti-burn cool to touch steam wand. You also have the choice between using an internal water reservoir or plumbing into your mains water supply.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, housed in a stainless steel body, with gorgeous vintage-inspired body panelling accented by beautiful walnut wooden handles.


The Epica Precision is designed for those who want precise control over the espresso making process, with classic tastes and sensibilities. In a callback to a more tactile era, this machine is fully manual and made for those who value style as much as a function.


The Epica Precision is sleek yet sturdy, weighing in at around 42kg. The unit is housed around a solid stainless steel chassis, so it’s very stable. The attention to detail is exceptional, with excellent finish both inside and outside the machine. It has beautiful vintage-inspired panelling and wooden accents throughout.


 Once the reservoir is filled up, it takes around 12 mins to get fully up to temperature (20 if you want to see full heat transfer across the entire machine). This machine is fully manual, and activated in the tradition of a vertical lever.
It has the capacity to add pre-infusion and change the pressure of each shot across a series of points during the extraction process, which appears as a graph on the touch screen as you carry out the extraction, by adjusting the position of the lever. 


Once inside the menu, you can access the shot timer, the PID settings for both boilers, the switch control between the reservoir and the main water connection and the pressure profiling / pre-infusion settings.


It has separate (cool to touch) steam wand for steaming milk and hot water tap for topping up black coffees.


It's a stand alone machine, so you need a separate grinder to run alongside it (See HERE).  We highly recommend a grinder that has 65mm burrs, as the EPICA is capable of extracting amazing quality, and as such requires a high quality grinder capable that can match the EPICA’s performance.


Just when the world thought that espresso in the home could get no better, Rocket Espresso release EPICA.

Vintage inspired body paneling, manual control lever machine that combines the best of tradition with industry leading technology and performance.

Fully saturated group, with manual control of pressure through the lever for pre and post ramping of pump pressure, and a service boiler of 3.6 litres.

EPICA. Superlative precision and control for baristas with an appreciation for style, and function in equal measure.


NOTE: These machines are not for commercial use.  If you need a machine for a cafe, bar or restaurant, this is not suitable.  You should look at the Boxer range.

The Rocket Espresso EPICA Precision comes with a standard 2 back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information.

For more information on specification and features, please contact us

    • Brew Group: Commercial grade fully saturated brew group.
    • Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter.
    • Pre-Infusion: Yes, via pressure profiling settings.
    • Steam Wand: Cool to touch (anti-burn) stainless steel wand.
    • Hot Water Tap: Separate hot water tap.
    • Gauges: Pump and boiler pressure gauges.
    • Display: Graphic colour touch screen
    • Boilers: Separate 1.9L brew and 3.6L service insulated boilers.
    • Pump: Commercial grade rotary pump.
    • Water connections: removable internal water reservoir or alternatively direct water connection (plumbed) with full drip tray drainage system.
    • Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel.
    • Cup tray: Large cup tray with stainless surround.
    • Drip Tray: Stainless steel drip tray.
    • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (1200w / 220v).
    • Weight: 42.4kg.
    • Dimensions: 410mm Width x 505mm Depth x 430mm Height.
    • Included: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets, high quality Rocket metal tamper, micro-fibre cloth, group cleaning brush and training / manual CD.
  • User Info:

    Further features which make this machine ideal for home use, include:

    • Dual pre-infusion (pre-wetting of the ‘puck’ at a lower pressure to allow to grinds to expand – enabling a more evenly pulled shot of espresso)
    • Runs from an internal reservoir by default, but comes with a full connection kit to connect to main water supply if preferred
    • Microprocessor controlled auto cut off function, protects the boiler from burn out if the supply of water runs out 
    • Auto boiler refill function, drawing water from either the mains or reservoir when required
    • Internal reservoir is easily accessed for refilling, just under the removable cup tray
    • Commercial grade rotary pump 
    • Separate pump and boiler pressure gauges
    • Cool touch technology (anti-burn) stainless steel steam wand
    • Separate hot water tap
    • Large cup tray / warmer