Motta - Europa - Pro Milk Pitcher - Orange (35cl)
£16.67 (Excluding VAT)
£20.00 (Including VAT)

This is a Motta Europa milk pitcher in orange.
The sandblasted outer finish is durable and can last for years without scratching, and the teflon coating on the inside makes it quick and easy to clean.

It's 12.3oz / 35cl / 350ml in capacity.

Geared to steam enough milk to serve 1 flat white.

It comes in a traditional Italian bell sided shape.

This is very different in style to that of a classic milk jug.  It has a less pointed spout, which some much prefer for pouring latte art.

A gazillion Italian barista's can't be wrong right?
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 12.3oz / 35cl / 350ml
    • Origin: Produced in Italy
    • Colour: Orange
  • Media coming soon