Made by Knock - Feld47 - Hand Grinder
£190.00 (Includes VAT)

Please note: We are sold out of the Feld47, and due to COVID19, we will not be receiving any more stock for some time. If you would like a high grade compact grinder, we are receiving stock of the Comandante C40 in April 2020.

You can view the C40 here:

Made By Knock produce very good grinders.  They are produced in Portobello, on the east side of Edinburgh, which makes their products extra special to us.

There has been a string of releases form them over the last few years, with the current models being the Aergrind, which is their mini hand grinder that holds about 25g.

The one up from the Aergrind is this, the Feld47 Travel. It's got a much bigger burr set and is physically larger in size.  That said, it is still very much considered a grinder for those on the move OR just a seriously good grinder for those opting for a manual grinder over something electric.

If you're looking for a hand grinder that has a capacity of around 35-40g, grinds to an amazing quality / consistency, then this is a serious contender alongside a few of the world other leading hand grinders such as the Lido, Commandante etc.

What Knock say:

The Feld 47 Travel goes back to the original Feldgrind's roots, bringing the big burr treatment to Aergrind simplicity and portability.

To the Feld47 body, mechanism and burr set we have added an Aergrind style adjustment lid and a crank arm tweaked from the original Feldgrind.

The larger burr set of the Feld47 produces a wider window of adjustment over the espresso range than is achievable in the Aergrind making this grinder a particularly fine tool for home espresso, whilst still offering great adjustment and grind quality for brew, filter and steeping methods.

The machined aluminium knob runs on 2 sets of bearings and is sized up from the Aergrind and Feldgrind to give improved grip. The crank arm is longer than the original Feldgrind to give easier grinding but slightly shorter than the Honed for travel convenience and speedier cranking. Capacity is c47g(!) -50g depending on beans.

If you want the ultimate travel grinder, then look no further - robust, incredibly reliable consistency, super easy adjustment and the familiar easy to see numbering everyone loves on our grinders.

Knock grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina. *See our terms and conditions for further information

    • Burr Type: Steel conicals.
    • Controls: Grind adjustment dial at top of handle fitting.
    • Grind Container: Approx 45-50g capacity.
    • Construction: Steel.
    • Finish: Anodised Black
    • Weight: 765g
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