Kokoa Collection - Madagascar 82% Chocolate Tablets
Kokoa Collection source & product exceptional quality raw chocolate used for making hot chocolate. They are used by a string of cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants looking to serve not just good, but amazing hot chocolate.

This is their Madagascar chocolate, which is the darkest of the range with 82% cocoa and intense red fruit flavour notes. 

This Madagascan cocoa is produced from the high quality Trinitario beans mostly grown in the Sambirano region in family owned farms that have generations of cacoa production experience.  Despite the high cocoa content these beans lead to a finished drink that is well balanced and support the low sugar content of this chocolate.

Serving suggestion: Depending on the drink size, we suggest using either 2 or 3 tablets per drink. Simply add a small volume of hot water to the tablets, mix into a paste and then add to water and / or milk depending on your preference.

Options: You can buy this items in either a retail 210g bag, 6 x 210g bags for resale or in a 1KG bag for wholesale use.

This product is an Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award and Great Taste Award winner.
    • Origin: Madagascar
    • Cacao Percentage: 82%
    • Weight: 210g / 6 x 210g / 1KG
    • This chocolate is available as wholesale. If you would like to know more about wholesale supply and pricing, please contact roastery@machina-coffee.co.uk