Kokoa Collection - Ecuador 70% Chocolate Tablets
Kokoa Collection source & product exceptional quality raw chocolate used for making hot chocolate. They are used by a string of cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants looking to serve not just good, but amazing hot chocolate.

This is their Ecuador chocolate, which is a delicate bittersweet hot chocolate with 70% cocoa, well balanced flavour with a hint of floral notes.

Ecuador cocoa is created using Arriba Nacional beans, considered many producers to be the best in the world. 

Serving suggestion: Depending on the drink size, we suggest using either 2 or 3 tablets per drink. Simply add a small volume of hot water to the tablets, mix into a paste and then add to water and / or milk depending on your preference.

Options: You can buy this items in either a retail 210g bag, 6 x 210g bags for resale or in a 1KG bag for wholesale use.

This product is a Great Taste Award winner.
    • Origin: Ecuador 
    • Cacao Percentage: 70%
    • Weight: 210g / 6 x 210g / 1KG
    • This chocolate is available as wholesale. If you would like to know more about wholesale supply and pricing, please contact roastery@machina-coffee.co.uk