Fetco - CBS-2132XTS - Dual Batch Brewer (Metal)
£1,934.40 (Includes VAT)

Fetco are fast becoming the pioneers of high quality batch brewing equipment. Great build quality, precision control, ease of use and great quality coffee are all key factors as to why more and more people are moving to this brand.

The model:

The Dual Station 2 x 3 litre CBS-2132 XTS Touchscreen Series Airpot Coffee Brewer.

Who's it for?

The CBS-2132 is a perfect match for any cafe, restaurant, bar or office, looking to serve high volume tea & coffee.

What volume can it produce?

The CBS-2131 can produce between 43.5 and 53 litres of coffee per hour. That equates too around 150-180 latte sized cups (300ml per cup) per hour.

Brewing system:

Experience total control of this fully featured Extractor® Brewing System via an inviting touchscreen interface display that is intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate.

The Extractor® gives you full control of the entire brewing process. From temperature of water to time of the brew to water volume allowing you to create the best brewing recipe for your coffee.

The 2132 comes fitted with the new Cascading Spray Dome®. This patented spray head won't rust, is easy and safe to clean, and above all delivers uniform saturation of the coffee bed so your coffee extracts evenly, giving you a tastier cup of coffee.

Duplicate batch profiles and parameters to and from any of the batch buttons on a single machine or copy the information to an unlimited number of brewers via a removable SD card (sold separately).


    Shipping time: 4-5 days, with full testing before being dispatched.

    Fetco equipment come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty including parts and labour. *See our terms and conditions for further information

    For more information on specification and features, please contact us.
    • Features:

      • Touchscreen Operation [XTS: Extractor Touch Screen]
      • True separation between Brew Volume and Brew Time
      • Pulse-Brew Intermittent Shower Brewing System
      • Independent Pre-Wet and Pulse-Brew
      • Cascading Spray Dome' for uniform extraction
      • Control Board mounted away from 'Critical Zone'
      • Patented Triac Cooling System under tank to help heating
      • Constant Temperature throughout entire brew cycle
      • Power: 25 amps - 6000 watts
      • Dimensions WHD: 502mm x 714mm x 516mm
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