EWC - iX02 VEND - ECO Filter - Complete System
£165.00 (Includes VAT)

This is the European Water Care (EWC) iX02 VEND - ECO Water Filter (complete system). This means it includes the outer casing, the filter cartridge (which you can then replace) and the fittings.

Who is this filter for?

This filter is designed for businesses looking for cost effective and efficient filtering of water in a SOFT water area, looking to avoid scale and other unwelcome particles and pesticides from their water before they serve coffee, tea or other hot and cold drinks.

This version of the IX series (VEND) stops lime scale from forming, which is perfect for soft water areas.

Are you a low - medium volume cafe in Scotland or other softer water areas? If so, this is the perfect filter for you. This product is the complete system, and does not require any other parts to function.

This is the 02 size (large), so if you are a smaller volume cafe, you should opt for the 01 size (small) HERE.

EWC Say:

The iX VEND has a 5-stage filtration process designed to provide high quality water, improving taste, colour and odour whilst inhibiting scale for high volume hot beverage and vending applications. The filter reduces sediment and chlorine whilst protecting against bacteria and water borne cysts. iX VEND’s in-built scale inhibition dramatically reduces scale build up and saves energy.

For Scale Inhibition:

The simple installation and quick replacement makes the iX VEND the ideal choice for caterers and vending operators requiring high volume, safe water treatment whilst making considerable cost savings. Easy to install and a quarter turn release mechanism shuts of water supply for easy maintenance.

Eco Friendly:

Insert Refill Technology provides a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters. When you order a new iX VEND or a replacement Media Insert Refill, you’ll receive a free recycling kit consisting of a pre-paid envelope, and a sealable, watertight bag. Going green has never been so easy!

This product contains:
  • Head
  • Bracket
  • Assembled cartridge & refill
  • Specifications:

    • Dimensions WH: 134mm (W) x 545mm (H)
    • Capacity: 53,466 Litres
    • Connectivity: John Guest Plumbing fittings