Compak - F8 - Fresh On-Demand - 83mm (Matt Black)
£2,094.00 (Includes VAT)

We don't add new grinders to our range very often, as we're pretty happy with what we have. But if something comes along that really impresses us, we are always open to a new addition.

Compak are from Barcelona. They make amazing quality grinders that do not play the game in the traditional way that most grinder manufacturers do. We like that.

Ultra sleek design, very robust, precision build quality and ultra quality grind, all contribute towards what is an amazing brand.


This is the Compak F8 - Fresh On-Demand.

Why would I choose this grinder?

If you are looking for a premium espresso grinder that can handle volume, does not overheat, looks stylish and is very precise, this could be the perfect grinder for you. 

Here's some of the key facts that sum this grinder up:

  1. It has a powerful, but slower RPM motor that allows fast grinding at low heat.
  2. It has 83mm burrs that allow super fast grinding.
  3. It has a side fitted micrometric grind adjustment wheel that is very precise and easy to use. Probably the closest and most effective alongside the Mythos grind adjustment mechanism.
  4. It has an adjustable portafilter fork that will move to fit any option / brand.
  5. It has an easy to use front facing control pad offering timed / pre-programmed, manual or continuous dosing. Plus shot counter and language control.  

How does it compare to the Mythos One?

It is also more traditional in terms of style / layout (hopper style and controls). It's arguably better built, with a very finished feel.  It has bigger burrs, so faster grinding. It has a 1290rpm motor over the Mythos's 1400rpm, meaning less rotations and lower heat being generated. It has the same 'style' of grind adjustment mechanism, on the side instead of the front face.


Compak offer a choice of burrs. You can either have standard steel burrs, or pay extra for Red Speed Lucidate Burrs:

These burrs offer lower friction & lower temperature. Even after 3000 Kg of coffee, the burrs will perform as if it were their first day of use thanks to the low coefficient of friction and specially hardened material.

Just choose your preferred option from the drop down.

      Compak grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base parts warranty.  *See our terms and conditions for further information

      Unsure if this grinder is a good match with your espresso machine? see our Grinder Guide

      For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

        • Burr Size: 83mm
        • Burr Type: Steel burrs.
        • Hopper size: 1.9KG
        • Adjustment: Stepless Micrometrical
        • Speed: 7g in 1.6 sec
        • Finish: Matt Black
        • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug / 500w (220-240v)
        • Speed: 1290rpm
        • Motor Output: 610w
        • Weight: 13kg
        • Dimensions HWD: 66cm x 21.5cm x 40cm