Colombia - San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon (Natural Carbonic Maceration) - Filter (MAP SERIES #4)
Colombia - San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon (Natural Carbonic Maceration) - Filter (MAP SERIES #4) Colombia - San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon (Natural Carbonic Maceration) - Filter (MAP SERIES #4) Colombia - San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon (Natural Carbonic Maceration) - Filter (MAP SERIES #4) Colombia - San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon (Natural Carbonic Maceration) - Filter (MAP SERIES #4)

San Adolfo - Pink Bourbon is the fourth release in our MAP Series. This series has been designed to bring together a selection of unique, premium-grade coffees from across the globe that we have spent considerable time and energy sourcing. Each coffee has an incredible story to tell - often challenging perceived wisdom and current coffee trends.

Want to buy 1KG? You can, but it comes in a 1KG bag and not in the bespoke box I'm afraid!

Please note: This coffee really opens up after 7 days rest. Any earlier and it does not offer the same kind of complexity that it is capable of.

Tasting notes:


How you can brew this coffee:
V60, Chemex, Kalita, Syphon, Cafetiere, Aeropress and Drip Machine (Moccamaster, Wilfa Classic etc).


San Adolfo is a bold and challenging coffee, boasting layers of flavour that are sometimes difficult to isolate from each other, resulting in a very complex cup. It has a dark chocolate body alongside a light strawberry sweetness supported by a bright fig like acidity, with an unusual almost balsamic like tang to its profile.

The Farm:

The farm is located in south western Colombia, in San Adolfo, Huila. Huila is the largest producer of specialty coffee in Colombia.

This area is famous for producing the pink bourbon varietal, being shared and grown amongst a number of micro-lot farms in the area. 

The Varietal - Pink Bourbon:

The Pink Bourbon varietal is extremely rare, and is a mutation of Red and Yellow Bourbon. Research is currently being done to determine its exact place of origin, but is thought to have began at 2100 MASL in San Adolfo, Huila.

It’s attractive to producers partly due to its rarity, and partly due to the fact it’s believed to be more resistant to rust. Pink Bourbon is a difficult varietal to produce and maintain, as the “pink” gene is recessive to the dominant presence of yellow and red genes. In order to preserve the unique colour and character of this variety, each lot must be carefully isolated and contained. Marvellously, this micro-lot is 100% Pink Bourbon.


A huge amount of time and effort goes into Carbonic Maceration.

Firstly, the coffee is picked following a strict ripeness criteria. It is then thoroughly hand-sorted to ensure only the best cherries are processed. The cherries are then placed in plastic tanks to ferment for 64 hours with the controlled addition of carbon dioxide (CO2). After fermentation, the cherries are transferred to raised drying beds at a temperature below 36 degrees celsius until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

Brew Method Suggestion:

We want you to experiment with this coffee and find your own preferred method, however, if you are looking for a starting point then we've been really enjoying the body, sweetness and complexity brought out by full immersion using this upright Aeropress recipe:

Equipment we used:

Fellow Ode grinder
Fellow Stagg EKG kettle
Acaia Pearl scales

Ratio: 1:14.3 

Actual: 14g coffee to 200ml water

Grind: Fine (We ground at 1⅔ on Fellow Ode)

    Water Temp: 96°C 
    • Boil kettle, rinse filter 
    • Add coffee and level surface
    • Start timer
    • Pour to 35g bloom, stir 10 times clockwise
    • Pause to 30 sec 
    • Pour to 200g as quickly as possible
    • Insert plunger to create vacuum, pause to 1min 30 mark
    • Plunge for 20-30 seconds


    We roast Mon-Thurs. Your coffee will be roasted within 5-10 days of purchase (sometimes less), with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point of 10-36 days).
    • Coffee details:

      • Origin: San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia
      • Varietal: Pink Bourbon
      • Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
      • Elevation: 1750 - 1800 MASL
      • Weight: 250g
      • Roast: Filter
      • This coffee is available as wholesale. If you would like to know more about wholesale supply and pricing, please contact