Chemex - Glass Mug
£14.00 (Includes VAT)


This mug is the perfect balance of form and function, the ideal vessel to enjoy your Chemex brew.

Chemex is an hour glass shaped pour over coffee method that is a step away from all other brew methods.

They are used alongside their own bespoke filter papers which are double bonded, drawing our much more residue than many other methods, resulting in an ultra fine cup and drawing out complex flavours.

It's got a rich history, which you can read about more here if you like.

Here's what Chemex say:

Our 10 oz. CHEMEX® Handblown Glass Mug brings the iconic elements of the CHEMEX® Coffeemaker together for the perfect cup of coffee. Made from the same non-porous Borosilicate glass as our CHEMEX® brewers, the mug ensures the natural flavor of your chosen coffee beans and nothing else. The CHEMEX® mug makes a unique and beautiful addition to any coffee lover's collection.


      • Material: Glass
      • Capacity: 10oz / 284ml
      • Dimensions: 4 inch / 10.2cm H x 3.5 inch / 8.9cm D
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