Brew Box - Filter 1
£25.00 (Includes VAT)

Get yourself a steal of a deal with our new Brew Box!

What's in the box?

With 'Brew Box - Filter 1', you'll receive a Hario V60 02 dripper, a pack of 100 V60 02 filter papers, plus a bag of fresh filter coffee to get brewing with. 

Which coffee is included in the box?

The filter coffee included in the Brew Box is subject to what we are roasting each week.

About the V60 dripper:

 Designed to sit on top of a mug or server, the V60 is an elegant, conical dripper that's perfect for those who are looking for complete control over their brewing extraction. 

  • Coffee details:

    • Weight: 250g 
    • Roast: Filter