Brazil - Cristalina Goias (Natural) - Espresso
Brazil - Cristalina Goias (Natural) - Espresso Brazil - Cristalina Goias (Natural) - Espresso

We love how far Brazilian coffee has come in recent years. Most of its output is volume / mid-grade / naturally processed coffee with a very typical profile, but there is a rising number of speciality farmers that are stepping away from the norm and producing exceptional lots that definitely deliver much more than your average Brazil.

We're permanently on the lookout for great Brazilian lots that we think we will enjoy as single origin espressos and occasionally filters. We are more than happy to pay considerably more for them if we think they are good enough, offer more value and support those putting in the extra work, regardless of them being from Brazil and not origins that are more associated with higher end coffees.

Cristalina Goias is an amazing lot and definitely not your typical Brazil.

Yes, it's a natural process, but not one that is weird or overly intense / funky. The natural process simply gives it a well rounded and punchy profile that helps it deliver well as a solid and arguably more accessible espresso.


It's a crowd pleaser, but it's also a coffee that offers something very different in terms of flavour notes and mouthfeel, so not a run of the mill type of lot.

Yes, it's got that classic Brazil feel of rich, chocolate and nuts, but it also has a whole bunch of other exciting points to mention. Its initial flavours are a mix of cream (like fresh double cream) and Cocoa powder. When you pull shots just right, the sweetness is similar to honey, which is also the effect you get when adding well textured milk. We added a descriptor of textured to this coffee as we wanted to try and describe the creamy / cocoa layers that it generates.

The farmer:

Airton Lemes is a farmer from the community of Cristalina, Goias, in the region of Cerrado Goiano. His 75 hectare family farm Fazenda Nacional is situated at 1,050 masl and cultivates the varieties of Catuaí Vermelho 144, Catuaí Amarelo 62 and Topázio. Like many in Brazil, Airton learned his trade through the influence of his family. He is motivated by the constant evolution of the specialty coffee sector and the challenge this presents for farmers to differentiate and succeed.

The region:

Goias is a state in West-Central Brazil, bordering the state of Minas Gerais. The Cerrado region is known for its flat, elevated plains which accommodate large farms and allow for highly productive harvesting. The region’s coffees are typically a ‘classic’ profile of rich chocolate, dried fruits and nuts and at higher altitudes such as this, there can be a development of more complex stone fruit flavours.

What machines can I make this coffee on?

Due to its forgiving nature, it works well in all kinds of espresso machines, whether you have a high end setup such as a Rocket, Marzocco, Expobar (Pro-Sumer) or the likes of a Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia Classic, De'Longhi or Dualit.

Don't have an espresso machine?

This coffee will also work well in a Moccamaster, Cafetiere, Clever Dripper or Aeropress, offering you a full bodied full immersion coffee.

Flavour notes:

Cream, Cocoa and Honey with a descriptor of Textured.


We roast on Tue, Wed & Thurs. Your coffee will be roasted within 5-10 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point of 10-36 days).
    • Location: Goias, Cerrado Goiâno, Brazil
    • Varietals: Catuaí Vermelho 144, Catuaí Amarelo 62 and Topázio
    • Process: Natural
    • Elevation: 1050 masl
    • Weight: 250g / 1KG
    • Roast: Espresso