Anfim - SP II - On Demand - Stepless Grinder
Anfim - SP II - On Demand - Stepless Grinder Anfim - SP II - On Demand - Stepless Grinder
£1,920.00 (Includes VAT)


The Anfim SP II (Stepless) is a high performing, high value burr grinder in On Demand format, suitable for commercial use. It's a well built, heavy duty device made of hardened steel with 75mm flat titanium burrs, stepless grind adjustment and a 2kg hopper.

SP II Vs Mythos One:

The SP II is a direct competitor to the VA Mythos One in terms of performance. It has been argued that the SP II does not overheat like the Mythos One does, due to it's two fan system. Speed wise they are on a par, while distribution is also very similar.

Who's it for?

The SP II is a work horse and is aimed at those looking to serve high volume coffee at a very high standard. If you are looking at serving 5KG+ per day, this is a very solid option.

Key facts:

Adjustment: It's a very easy grinder to adjust and use.  It has a worm drive for grind adjustment which is very easy to turn and handles very fine changes easily.

Programming: For controlling shot times, it has 2 core buttons for storing programs (a single and a double shot).  If you need to adjust, you simply hold down the button you are looking to alter the time on and you enter program mode for that button.  Once there, you can move the time settings for secs & tenth secs up or down.

Shot time: The average shot time of a double shot is around 4.5 secs.

Barista button: A very simple and effective button placed on the bottom left hand side allows you to top up doses manually.  This is hugely helpful instead fo having to enter any program mode to perform a small corrections to doses.

Fans: The SP11 has two fans.  Once drawing air into the unit that contains a filter to stop dust entering the grinder, and a second for pushing hot air out of the unit.  Very effective for busy cafes with high volume that don't want overheating issues. 

Price: If you're looking for a grinder that will deliver consistent grind in a cafe environment for up too 15KG / 700 coffees a day, around the £2000 mark, then this is an excellent option.

Anfim grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base parts warranty.  *See our terms and conditions for further information

Unsure if this grinder is a good match with your espresso machine? see our Grinder Guide

For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

    • Features:

      • Burr Size: 75mm
      • Burr Type: Titanium burrs.
      • Hopper size: 2kg
      • Max output: 5.5kg per hour
      • Grind speed: 17g in 4.5 seconds
      • Adjustment: Stepless collar adjustment.
      • Controls: 2 programmable presets, manual push button, purge button.
      • Doser / On Demand: On Demand
      • Portafilter Holder: Yes
      • Construction: Hardened polished steel
      • Finish: Black
      • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug 720w (220-240v)
      • Speed: 650rpm
      • Weight: 16kg
      • Dimensions WDH: 220mm Width x 370mm Depth x 620mm Height.
  • About Anfim

    Anfim are a small grinder manufacturer in Italy that were recently acquired by Mahlkonig / Ditting. The are considered an excellent choice for those looking for a high end commercial unit without breaking the bank.

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