There are many places in the Internet that you can source coffee equipment from. The range is broad and the quality is varied -  from the big boys like Amazon & Curry's, through to 'Independent' box-shifters and then specialist Independents. We class ourselves as one of the last from that list.

Web purchasing is a tricky one, as you really want a combination of three things.

1. Firstly, you want to get the right information and knowledge in an easily digested and accessible fashion, that tells you what you want to know, in order to make the right purchase for you.
2. Secondly, you want to know that the product is properly supported, with the supplier offering a proper (approved) warranty and having access to actual people who can advise you and repair / service the items if required. This usually involves the seller being a registered partner of the brand you are purchasing.
3. Lastly and this is usually the key deal clincher - you want a good price for the equipment that you are buying.

The problem is, you can't get all these things from one supplier, its the tough  but honest reality of buying online. 

Here's why:


If you want proper information, you really need to buy off a specialist such as ourselves. Otherwise, you are placing your trust in the information you receive from a business that simply does not specialise in that particular category .

*For example: If you buy cheese from a cheesemongers, they can tell you all about the cheese, where it came from, how it was made, whether it is organic etc etc. If you buy that same cheese from Tesco, you expect none of that information, just the pack. In short, if you just want the box, you get it cheap, but if you want the right box provided with guidance you pay a little more.

Buying coffee and equipment is exactly the same. Buy it from companies like us and you get the guidance and detail you are asking for. Buy from Curry's or Amazon and forego that information that you are seeking.


If you want to buy safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong you actually have proper support, then buy off a company that can actually provide that for you.

If you buy off the cheapest place on the Internet, the chances are you are buying from a supplier that is either a 'box shifter', which is essentially a company that buys in a large volume of products, offers little in the way of customer support or contact of any kind, which keeps their overheads low and allows them to sell for rock bottom prices.

When you buy off companies like us, this is what we excel in. We actually help you when you need us. But to be clear, if you have not bought the product from us, we will not support it. We get asked for help all the time from people who have opted to save themselves £50 on a Rancilio Silvia, and our answer is always no. This is not because we are trying to prove a point, but more because we give our time to the customers who have bought from us and command our time.

FOR CLARITY: Box shifters prices are usually very low, raising the question, '"how can they sell this for so little?" OR "This is too good to be true". The answer is they often sell products as 'grey imports' which is when they import items direct from origin (where they were produced) without warranties, and then sell them on for a knock down price, gambling on the likelihood that nothing will go wrong with your item for the first year when the warranty is in place. There are many sellers doing this in the UK, and it does not take a brain surgeon to work out who these people are, so we will let you figure that out for yourself.


Pricing is so tricky, as the reality is that the first two points above put the price up. Our suggestion to you is that when you are buying coffee equipment, don't buy off the wrong supplier to save yourself £100, because it's just not worth the hassle. The amount of times we have heard customers saying, we wish we had just bought from you in the first place is nothing short of comical.

If you are saving £1000, then maybe it's worth the gamble and that's totally your call. You work out what the likelihood is that you might have problems; then what those problems might cost you in the warranty period and whether those likely costs are more of less than the saving you are making - simple.

Are we the cheapest on the Internet? No - we are not and we never will be, as that is not the type of company or service we look to offer. We want to provide you with a premium service that captures the following points:

  • A best in class industry resource
  • A direct point of contact with fast response times.
  • Professional level support when you need it.
  • Fair prices.
  • Full warranties.
  • Approved / registered resellers as per our supplier websites.

We hope this page gives you some security and justification as to where you should buy from and why.

Buy safe & support independents...

Making great coffee accessible to everyone.