A step in the right direction

As part of our ongoing sustainability initiatives, we are pleased to announce an update to our coffee packaging. Where previously our packaging was made of mixed material and recyclable with TerraCycle, we’re happy to say that the process has now become a whole lot easier. Our bags can now be recycled with soft plastics using the facilities available to you either locally, be that kerbside (depending on your local authority) or at supermarkets. 

This new bag is part of our commitment to the continual improvement of our packaging. We’ll be the first to admit this is not the ideal solution, but rather one step closer to the perfect packaging - that meets sustainability requirements, is cost effective for the consumer, and crucially ensures the quality of your coffee. 

Over the next month we will be rolling out our new bags, gradually phasing out the old ones. We’ve outlined below the recycling protocols for each type of packaging. 

New Coffee Bags - LDPE [4], Mono-Material, Soft Plastic Recyclable

Our new bags are made of recyclable bio-based carbon negative laminate and can be recycled in #4 / soft plastic / LDPE (low-density polyethylene) recycling streams. 

In some areas this material can be recycled at kerbside; in some areas these facilities are available at supermarkets where you would recycle carrier bags. Check your local authority specific guidelines before recycling your packaging. 

Other sustainable benefits of these bags

As well as being carbon negative, these bags are also ocean waste friendly. 

The majority of plastic waste in our oceans comes from a handful of river systems in developing countries and we’re proud to say that as part of this process our bag manufacturer supports both collection and recycling depots in Indonesia and the Philippines. In turn this means that every item of packaging they produce, the equivalent amount of plastic waste is removed from the ocean. As part of this we receive measurable, audited data to support their contribution.

If you have any difficulties accessing the appropriate recycling facilities please bring your empty coffee bags to us at our cafe in Marchmont, Edinburgh, where we will be happy to recycle them on your behalf.



Legacy Coffee Bags - Mixed Material, TerraCycle Recyclable

To minimise wastage we will be phasing out the rollout of our new coffee packaging, so you may find that your coffee is packed in our legacy bags which are recyclable with us in collaboration with TerraCycle. 

The idea is simple - you return to us your empty bags, we send your empty bags to TerraCycle, TerraCycle transforms them into a range of recycled plastic products. 

How to Recycle with TerraCycle at Machina

By Post:

Machina Coffee Roasters
Unit 9 Peffermill Parc
25 Kings Haugh
Edinburgh, EH16 5UY

Please note: We cannot accept bags in person at the Roastery - please drop your bags off at the cafe instead.

In Person:

Machina Marchmont
38 Marchmont Road