La Marzocco - Linea Classic - AV (Automatic)
La Marzocco - Linea Classic - AV (Automatic) La Marzocco - Linea Classic - AV (Automatic) La Marzocco - Linea Classic - AV (Automatic)


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This is the La Marzocco Linea AV (Automatic), available  in 2, 3 & 4 groups.

What is the Linea Classic?

The Linea Classic is an espresso machine icon. Over the years there have been numerous machines released, but the Linea Classic remains one of the most popular machines in the industry, combining sleek traditional / industrial design with some essential features that have stood the test of time. It's a workhorse of a machine that is seen in so many renowned coffee shops around the world. Reliable, consistent, robust and iconic.

Who is this machine right for?

If you are a business known for quality coffee or simply wants to up your coffee game; you want a machine with a good pedigree that will last and not give you any headaches, but not one with unnecessary lights and features - reliability and function being key - the Linea Classic is near unbeatable.

The Linea Classic typifies why La Marzocco machines are considered the best in the world, with some core features that make it such a high quality machine.

  1. Dual Boilers - separate boilers for brewing and steaming. Having separate boilers gives you two key things. Firstly a dedicated boiler for brewing espresso at a precise temperature, which is crucial for quality espresso. The second is for generating a continued supply of hot water and steam, without impacting the quality of your brewing water.
  2. Fully saturated groups - giving you unrivalled group temperature stability. Group-heads are connected to the brew boiler, so your water travels less distance and maintains a more precise temperature. Further, the group itself is heated maintaining further temperature stability.
  3. Programmable buttons - allowing for pre-programmed espresso shots. Repeatability is key and the Linea's auto volumetric programmed buttons offer this extremely well. Program as a group flush, single or double shot to suit your needs.
  4. PID - precision control over your coffee temperature. The temperature always varies, slightly, so having a PID does two key things. Firstly it pulses back to within 0.1c whenever there is variance. Secondly it allows you to alter the setting of the temperature based on the style of coffee you are using.
  5. Stainless steel portafilters - easy to clean and no more dirty group handles. Having stainless steel portafilters is something that all espresso machines should offer, but they don't. They are easier to clean, contribute towards you serving clean / taint free coffee and less maintenance.

Design options:

You can buy this machine in three difference versions:

Firstly the Automatic (AV) version with 2 pre-programmable buttons per group (an an over-ride / continuous button), it's perfect for settings where programmed shots are required for consistency and reliability. The Semi-Automatic (EE) version, where you have full (manual) control over all the machines parameters. But also as a Mechanical Paddle version, which offers a completely manual approach for precision pre-infusion and extraction.

Want a tip? Stick with the AV version (pictured), it's the best and the most popular by far.

    Why buy from us?

    We are an actual approved La Marzocco partner, with advanced knowledge of their machines. When you buy with us, we will provide you with honest and straightforward information on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive. You can buy outright or purchase via lease to buy through our finance partner, allowing you to get the right machine for your business first time around without cutting corners.

    You get a FULL 1 years warranty of parts AND labour, which means that if anything goes wrong in the first year, you're covered without any issues. That means regardless of where you are located, we will have an approved engineer on hand to come to you when it suits you and resolve any issues you are having.

    You can download the product brochure for this machine HERE.

    La Marzocco equipment comes with a full 1 year parts & labour warranty with Machina.  See our terms and conditions for further information

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      • Boilers: Dual Boilers for brew and steam
      • Groups: Fully Saturated for thermal stability
      • Controls: Programmable group buttons (2 per group) plus a continuous pour button option
      • PID: Programmable boiler temperature control for the brew group
      • Parts: Stainless steel portafilters & precision baskets
      • Cup warmer
      • Cronos pads (with shot counters)
      • Barista lights
      • High legs version (For take away)
      • Personalised colour (RAL)
      • Groups: 2, 3 or 4
      • Dimensions HWD cm: 2-Groups - 45.5 x 69 x 56. 3-Groups 45.5 x 93 x 56. 4-Groups 45.5 x 117 x 56.
      • Weight KG: 2-Groups - 51kg. 3-Groups -66kg. 4-Groups - 83kg
      • Voltage: 220v Single / 3 Phase. 380v 3 Phase.
      • Wattage Elements: 2-Groups - 3600. 3-Groups - 4800. 4-Groups - 6800
      • Optional Wattage Elements: 2-Groups - 4600. 3-Groups - 6100. 4-Groups - 8000
      • Coffee Boiler Capacity L: 2-Groups - 3.4L. 3-Groups - 5L. 4-Groups - 6.8L
      • Steam Boiler Capacity L: 2-Groups - 7L. 3-Groups - 11L. 4-Groups - 15L
    • La Marzocco Linea from La Marzocco on Vimeo.