The Eureka Mignon v3 - Kit Review

The Eureka Mignon has been on the scene for quite some time now, and is now on its third release. While there are many other domestic grinders out there, none offer the same build quality to that of the Mignon, in terms of heavy weight steel bodies and robust build quality.

Add to that the now famous patented micro-metric stepless design, used across the ranges of Eureka, Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli, and you have a product that delivers way beyond its price point.



The Mignon is a beautiful grinder. They are built to an incredibly high standard from a company that have been innovating and producing quality grinders for close to 100 years. In our opinion, it continues to be the leading domestic grinder considering build quality, grind quality and price.


The Mignon is aimed at home or office coffee drinkers, grinding coffee at low volumes, but at high quality.  It is also ‘the domestic grinder’ for those that recognise that the grinder is the most important factor in quality coffee making. Some call it pro-sumer equipment.  We just call it high quality.


First and foremost, all the new Mignon models have received a massive upgrade from the last version. This includes:

  • Restyling of the main steel body, giving it a fresh and more contemporary feel.
  • Heavier weight body.
  • Re-designed hopper with rubber vacuum seal.
  • Improved motor.
  • Addition of a metal clump crusher.
  • Magnetised fork for the portafilter.
  • Improved trigger button (Commercial grade).



The Silenzio (£315)  is the entry level model but still offers the same build & grind quality as the other models. There’s been a complete redesign from the last iteration bringing the Mignon straight into 2019 while retaining that authentic feel of a classic, well built Italian grinder. Like the original version, it retains the manual and timed control functions, so no touch screen on this version.

Despite being the entry level model, the Silenzio delivers amazing grind quality that is both fast and very quiet.  If you want a great domestic grinder, and are not concerned with additional features, that offers solid value for money, then this grinder if for you.

The Perfetto (£359) is the mid range model that can handle both espresso and filter, which it achieves beautifully. With the addition of the touch screen you can set two profiles. For the purposes of this review, I chose the first for espresso, about a 10s grind and one for a V60 about a 6sec grind, which worked seamlessly. The touch screen also offers a continuous mode, in case you want to run in manual mode or add small volumes for correction, and a lock feature, to avoid accidentally changing the settings during use.

Changing between grind sizes is easy with Eureka’s patented grind adjustment, a simple dial you turn with a handy size guide to your desired setting. If you brew both espresso and filter (from V60 - Cafetiere), and want a super flexible grinder, then this is arguably the grinder for you. Some customers have bought this model as they currently only brew coffee for filter, but aim to buy an espresso machine in the future - future proofing!

The Specialita (£379) is all about getting that golden shot. Larger, 55mm burrs improve consistency and speed while maintaining a lower temperature. The grind adjustment is ridiculously precise.  I measured the burrs to to move up or down by roughy the same thickness a two human hairs for each full, 360deg rotation of the dial. The carrier for the portafilter can be adjusted to any size necessary.

Like the Perfetto, it also comes with a digital touch screen display, offering two programmable modes, plus a continuous mode and a lock feature. The Specialita is the crown of the range, offering precision espresso grinding to the home or office to those that want great results from the best equipment.  


The grind retention across the range varies from .18 grams for the Silenzio to .11 grams for the Perfetto and .07 grams for the Specialita. In comparison the Barazta Sette has been measured by some to retain up to .5 grams, even on coarse settings.


The patented stepless micrometric adjustment is one of the key features of Eureka grinders.  It’s easy to use and very precise.



Grind speed on the Mignon is good, but not lightening fast.  It can grind a 17g shot in around 12 seconds, and on the top model, around 10 seconds. Speed should not be considered to be of huge priority at this level, as it is aimed for home users, not cafes, where speed and volume are key. Waiting 15 seconds for a coffee at home is not really an issue.



Build quality is amazing. Assembled like a commercial grinder, the housing is strong and heavy weight. All parts are well constructed and considered when put designed.


Cleaning is very easy. The badge on the rear can be removed quickly, then the top panel can be removed with 4 small screws.  Once removed, the top burr set can be removed with 3 further screws and cleaning can begin.


SAGE Smart Grinder Pro: Lower build quality (plastics), Lots of features (too many that you won’t use), Stepped adjustment (limited precision), average grind quality & low-medium price tag - £199.00

Baratza Sette 30 AP: Lower build quality (plastics), Stepped adjustment (limited precision), reasonable grind quality & medium price tag - £230.00

Macap M2D: Lower build quality (plastics), Stepped adjustment (limited precision), below average grind quality & medium price tag - £279.00

Baratza Sette 270: Lower build quality (plastics), smaller burrs (40mm) and slower grind, good grind quality & medium price tag - £399.00

Baratza Vario H: Lots of features (too many that you won’t use), lower build quality (plastics), larger burrs set / different material (54mm & Ceramic), very good grind quality &  high price tag - £429.00


I would happily recommend the new Mignon vs grinder range to anyone, whether they be a home or office coffee drinker, or even as a commercial decaf grinder - perfect for precision grind at low volume. For price vs. performance there isn’t anything better. When it comes to brewing great coffee the one thing you can’t escape from is your grind. It’s arguably the most important factor.



Out of curiosity i decided to check the alignment of the Specialita burrs, as a high end domestic grinder i wasn't sure what to expect. On the one hand its for low volume commercial or domestic use; it’s not supposed to be the grinder of choice for the brewers cup but on the other hand, it’s made buy the same people that produce the Mythos One, which is arguably most popular speciality grinder in the world. Upon testing I was impressed to find that the burrs sat almost perfectly flat with each other, certainly better aligned out the box than most EK43’s.


Mark Milner:

The Mignon Specialita: my dream grinder! I will get one (despite what Mrs. M. says)!

Mar 28, 2020

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